Blanktape – Gusto Mo Loadan Kita feat. Chiastine (In Studio)

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Gusto Mo Loadan Kita by Blanktape feat. Chiastine Perez
Produced and Composed by Arlen “Blanktape” Mandangan
Arranged and Mixed by Manuel E.R.G. Cruz
Lodi Records (sub Label of Star Music)

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22 Responses

  1. -Nightcore Life- says:

    Astig! πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž

  2. Paul Simon Sebastian Gaw says:

    2nd comment

  3. Alyza Jenny Omerpus says:

    wew HAHAH

  4. Alyza Jenny Omerpus says:

    Load moko 30

  5. mighty boomerang says:

    9 mos. 😸😸😸

  6. Alyza Jenny Omerpus says:


  7. Alvin Abued says:

    6th commentor
    sino ung ka feat ni BlankTape

  8. XGamingV2 VantageGT says:

    wow ang ganda ng song i like that 100%

  9. XGamingV2 VantageGT says:

    Load Moko regular 30 at ni like ko at subcribed ko po lahat load me please

  10. XGamingV2 VantageGT says:

    sigi please sige please bilisan nyo na bilis loadan moko ng 30 wag kalang magagalit

  11. kim yoo jung says:

    Nycee haha
    Ung girl sya ba ung dancer dati sa wowowee ?

  12. bino spiritu says:

    Ayos ahhh😁😁😁😁😁

  13. whielzkie's channel says:

    another epic song

  14. Chick Mom26 says:

    I really like the song too

  15. Bien Florendo says:

    Astig tlga c idol..ang gaganda ng mga kanta mo..galing..πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  16. Pag-ibig Dalisay says:

    sa tindahan pa-load ka nang 30 pero ang singil 32.00 pesos.

  17. MOTO Chark says:

    Pangit ng song

  18. 폴Spurs says:

    ayos ang ganda ng song


    Blank Tape – Pusa official music video
    gawa rin abs-cbn please

  19. archer girlzz says:

    Ang gara nmn

  20. Mike Wahingon says:

    New Dirty Rap … Astig <3 … namiss ko tuloy si Sir Andre E. (King of Dirty Rap)

  21. jeric says:

    Nice parang andrew e

  22. Game Gamer says:

    Gusto mo loadan kita?

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