Kyle Echarri – Pangako (Official Music Video)

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Words and Music by Gabriel Tagadtad
Produced by Roque “Rox” B. Santos
Arranged by Theo Martel
Vocal Arrangement and Back up Vocals by Brenan Espartinez
Vocal Production by Gabriel Tagadtad and Rox Santos
Recorded By Rox Santos
Mixed and Mastered By Theo Martel
Published By Star Songs

Music Video Production:
Equinox Manila Productions
Producer/Director: Benedict Mariategue
Dir. of Photography: Mark Ginolos
2nd Camera Operator: Daniel Cabel
Editor: Abegail Pomicpic
HMUA: John β€œDong” Bandal
Stylist: Aaron Mangsat, Billy Cadayona and Niko Badayos
Talent: Nerissa Shawyer
Dancers: Gerlo Maguiran, Cesar Cabriote, Alvin Santos, Jomari Fermin, Evert Villalobos, Mark Piano, Joseph Cabria and Robbie Guarin

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Copyright 2018 by ABS-CBN Film Productions, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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25 Responses

  1. HelloYas Channel2 says:

    the girl should be francine diaz

  2. diodisa cabugawan says:

    i both kyle and francine

  3. Justiyah Alzate says:

    Sana si francine Diaz nalang ka partner niya #kycine

  4. mikail calaycay says:

    Dapat si andrea nalang o si francine

  5. George Manansala says:

    kuya kyle mas maganda pa dyan si ate francine

  6. Janessa S. says:

    KyCine Shiper Over here!

  7. Hannaple Datukim says:

    Crush 😍😍😍😍

  8. michael sison says:

    Nakakasawa ang gunthe ni girl dapat si andrea ehy

  9. Jaylieneve Cubio says:

    i love you kuyaaaaaaa Kyle <3

  10. gail solid fan jamill and merffey says:

    sana si ate francine nalang mas kikiligin pa ko

  11. Resajoy Pialago says:

    Bakit hindi si ate Francine..?

  12. Denia Cziah says:

    Ang swertee ni ate Gurl😭😍❀

  13. Bernard Vlogs says:

    Dapat si francine diaz.

    Edit:who agrees??
    Like this comment

  14. Shane Ramirez says:

    I love you kyle

  15. Zenaida Velasco says:

    Oo. Nga. Sya.

  16. jonathan rocafor says:

    Pogi ni kayle

  17. Gen Domantay says:

    Dapatt sii andreaa ang andto ok lng yan sila nmn na ni andrea ehh wla ng mkakapigil paaaa

  18. Jenine Fiona says:

    Rayne Davis Tama ka dapat c Francine

  19. NLI-Gaming & More says:

    Bakit hindi si cassie, nahihiya ka no?( Ayieeeee)

  20. Beverly Gatus says:


  21. Reo Loren Atenza says:

    Dapat si ate andrea b yan😁

  22. Margie May m. Claveria says:

    Bagay sila francine diaz

  23. Ellaiza Amarie MaΓ±ez says:

    Sino ung girl na un dat si ate francine yan hindi yan

  24. Super kids Baby says:

    Hinde kya sila bagay ni cassie mas bagay pa nga young babae eh

  25. Lhianne Vasquez says:

    Kuya Kyle…. Sino Po Yan? Baka Po Magalit Si Ate Francine…

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