KZ Tandingan – Scared To Death (Lyrics)

Scared To Death by KZ Tandingan from Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs.

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26 Responses

  1. jay derosas says:

    i like this song..

  2. Neiljohn Sammereid says:

    nice song ..inspiring 🙂

  3. Roland Nick H Lucas says:


  4. LagiNaLangAko23 says:

    Matagal ko ng gusto tong song na to, kaso nagkaroon siya ng additional meaning for me dahil sa "Tuhog".

    Ito yung song sa background habang sumasaksak sa kanila yang bakal. ;(

  5. jessa mae oliveros says:

    tanga lang?

  6. acirinyj serebulas says:

    nyc song

  7. Paul Carlo Teves says:

    tinatamaan ako ahh..

  8. mssheenaamor says:

    stupid. haha

  9. joy calleja says:

    ilove it.

  10. mckoy santiago says:

    nice song,, mali kau gitara pamagat nyan

  11. Jonathan Aldric Andres says:

    Hahahahahaha. Natawa ako dun pre. Halatang mejo hindi marunong mag english. Scared to Death ung title tapos "Takot mamatay" daw. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  12. rein tubog says:

    isip isip dn minsan kung anong ibig sabihin ng kanta wag husgahan agad…bka hndi ka marunong makaintindi ng english

  13. Red Paradox says:

    this <3

  14. mica hearts says:

    this should have won =)

  15. virena penalosa says:

    tama.. expression lng ho xa..

  16. Alexandra Buenavista says:

    Scared to death = The fear she's getting TO THE EXTEND of feeling of dying…

    Is my interpretation right?

  17. Crista Iguid says:

    I am so scared to death… What if you won't be around anymore?

  18. charmane altamirano says:

    I love u kz!

  19. Lois Villareal says:

    I really love KZ's voice !

  20. marie claire santos says:

    i'm scared to death……….. now that im losing you….

  21. Reverend Eslam says:

    God's Prophet to the Philippines is currently seeking Gospel vocalists to record his debut album. Email: or SMS 0915 352 2222 for details!

  22. AJ Carino Music says:

    (C) 2012 NBC Records, Inc. KZ Tandingan Scared To Death

  23. Mariel Jalandoni says:

    I love you kz….you inspired me so much!!!!

  24. Mariel Jalandoni says:

    Every time I watch your video's from singer 2018 in China ..I can't top crying ..I'm so proud of you I love you kz 💕💕💕💕💕💕

  25. richell jaranilla says:

    ang galing galing nu Kz wow i love dis song

  26. Liza jane Marigal says:

    Kz so amazing voice we love you

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