LIVE: Jed Madela Superhero Grand Album Launch Replay

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5 Responses

  1. zarah casiño says:


  2. cacho ferrero says:


  3. Joeffrey Luzuriaga says:

    So much Love and Respect for you Maning Jed. ☺️ WE are always here for you. 😊😘🤗❤️

  4. Elijah Donato says:

    Jed Madela is a living proof that Real Talent with a genuine personality and passion still exists!!!!!!!!!!

  5. My PreciousTae Bae-Ssiii Loves Me says:

    🙏🤗🛐 Best wishes and Prayers 🙏🤗🛐 unto Thee, much earned and well deserved,🎉🎈🎇✨🌟🎋🎆🎐🌠 I CHEER ❕❕❕

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