Richard Yap – Think I'm In Love Again (Lyrics)

Lyric Video by Archelle de Belen

Ⓟ&© 2013 STAR RECORDS INC. | RICHARD YAP – Think I’m In Love Again from his self titled album under Star Records

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28 Responses

  1. Joyce Quintos says:

    Bkit connection to server lost dq prin mgplay ung think I'm inlove again.

  2. Carmelita Delapena says:

    nice voice po sobra ganda

  3. Carmelita Delapena says:

    nice voice po sobra ganda

  4. Kheiy Sayo says:


  5. annabelle bing says:

    I think I'm in-love, again.

  6. Jeniffer Angara says:


  7. Wenly Arzola says:

    I think I'm inluv to you Mr.Yap ganda ng voice u nkaka inluv luv u…

  8. Nenita Arca says:

    Nice rendition sir chief…

  9. jess rei says:

    I think im inlove with u

  10. rose aligada says:

    It's true that you will act and feel what the song tells when you are in LOVE..

  11. lover boy says:


  12. Saiyo Neko says:

    I think I'm in love again yeah I guess I am in love!!! X]

  13. Bhoy Rosario Aquino says:


  14. Annabel Manalo says:

    I think I'm in love with you sir Richard yap

  15. Annabel Manalo says:

    nakakainlove boses mo sir Richard

  16. Fay Ray says:

    Sir bagay din po sa voice nyo yung. You and I ( I don't believe the world)

  17. Amelia Zambrano says:

    That bedroom voice plus the oozing appeal….kaka in love

  18. Let Calderon says:

    Nice rendition

  19. John Christian Canda says:

    Reminds me of Jojo Alejar.

  20. veronicah njeri says:

    i think am falling in love with his voice…Richard Lim

  21. noona Nguyễn says:

    Thích nhất bài này của Richard yap❤️

  22. Elmar Jake Gecale. EJAY. LOVEl says:


  23. Junelyn Villarta says:

    crush kita sir chief!!!!!!



  25. Feliscatushins Nacar says:

    Here i
    Falling for you
    (Falling for your voice)
    Richard yap
    Papa, chenes

  26. Elizabeth Enad says:

    Nakaka in love ka talaga'sir chief',

  27. Elizabeth Enad says:

    I compared the original to this,,mas maganda ito,,bagay na bagay sau SIR CHIEF,:)

  28. Wan Derer says:

    But sir your not a clown Richard yap

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